Land Based First Aid

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LAND BASED First Aid Training

Roy Hopkins

Leads in specialised Land Based First Aid training, primarily delivering First Aid courses to the Forestry and Agriculture industry. In addition to specialised training Standard First Aid at Work (FAW) courses are delivered by Roy and other experienced trainers throughout the UK.

Roy himself has many years of training and importantly front-line practical experience gained from his past work experiences. Gained whilst in the Armed Forces, as a fire-fighter, working in the Forestry industry and of recent years as a Community First Responder with SECAMB ambulance service.

Although mainly based in the south-east of England operating from our base in Kent, a network of trainers and consultants serve the whole of the United Kingdom.

The courses we offer

All of our courses can either be offered to individuals or to groups. Discounts are usually available for group bookings, prices available on request.

Regular courses are generally held in Kent or for group bookings at a suitable venue at your premises.

For individuals and availability please call or email with your course requirements and where you would wish the course to be held.


Why should anyone gain life saving ‘first aid’ skills? To be frank I feel that all able bodied people be it at work, or simply the general public, should have basic knowledge of life saving skills? Sadly we are being faced daily with awful news of horrible injuries inflicted by those that wish to harm. It is unlikely that we are faced with such things but even when a loved one is choking and YOU do not know what to do, then perhaps learning basic life saving skills is something to consider!

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